MOTI (Poem)

It still baffles me so
Why they let Moti go
What did I miss? Fact is:
He hopped on a plane that wasn’t his
So who said he could go?
Why people won’t say, I don’t know?
It baffles me so
Why they let Moti go


Young  lady  got  family to feed
Her husband gone and  bubu  is  sick
“Children stay home no bus fare today
Or tomorrow… maybe next week”
When baby’s sick and she wait in line
Chinaman boss say: no wok no pay
Chinaman boss say  it  to everyone
Two weeks now baby still sick
Pekpek wara and strongpla kus
Her job someone takeover
She find  ‘nother one taim baby orait
No food no pawa no water
Her daughter she die 
Family not happy  she did wrong
She killed her husband
And her  baby daughter too
Husband’s people not happy
She get sick  and soon she die
Bubu too sick to work
Children no mama  no papa
No one  knew she  was HIV positive