A poem about seabed mining by a Papua New Guinean Poet…
Loosed upon the Earth I pride
Revelations pale horse I ride
Speaking great against the mighty cape
The Bismark shall be mine to rape
I’ll lather in the spoils of war
The dogs set loose upon the floor
But too late, too late, I’ll have my fill
And Bismark shall be mine until

My avarice shall know no end
I’ll pillage all I want and then
The salty blanket in my grasp
Shall silted waters stroke and clasp
But too late, too late, I’ll have my fill
And Bismark shall be mine until

My marauding gape shall suffer none
Somare’s face shall be my gun
A fist-full here a fist-full there
I’ll rip of PNG’s underwear
Eyes wet with tortured pleas
Shall not waver my victored knees
It’s my threshold to force aside
Your pitiful screams woe betide
But too late, too late, I’ve had my fill
And Bismark shall be silent, still…


Namel lo Turubu na Wewak
Anda lo Stinger blo Samap
Wanpla 60 fulblast kam bek

Mi lokim lo tingting tasol
Keke tit na pasim ai
Tuhat kapsait ol ting nomol

Mi tingim go bek nau moning
Has pen lo bam bam lo dingy
Ba mi mekim wanem mi ting

Ol tisa meri na ol pikinini blo ol
Stori lap na kaikai buai
Wanpla kaikai pis na sol

Mi pasim tingting yet
OOOOI! Dingy bamim ken solwara
Mi pasi’ ai strong mo yet

Mi lukluk go lo nus blo bot
Wewak i stap longwe yet
Oiyo plis! Mi tingim tasol longpla rot

Maski pasi’ tingting tasol
Na stopim bot lo namel
Jes go tokim skipa. Tokim ol

Mi tromoi han lo man lo sait
Em tromoi het na kam
Saitim lo bek na kam lo sait

“Kaunsol, tokim skipa lo stopim bot”
Na mi tok isi tasol lo yau blo em
“Bikpla pispis kilim mi na mi tingting sot”

“No waris brat kam sanap lo masin”
“Olgeta nature calls,” em singaut
Ol tisa meri tanim ai longwe lo masin

Hap blo stori em hat lo tok
Niupla wara bungim solwara
Sampla pis aipas mi ken tok

Tasol hamamas blo em
Noken tok
Bikpla bel isi blo em

As tingting em olsem:


O arise all you sons and daughters of this land
Let us sing of our joy to be free from colonial rule
Praising our creator, the source of all things good and right
and rejoicing to be Papua New Guinea

Shout our name from the highlands to the islands
Make sure the world knows we are a sovereign nation
and not an item to be bought and sold.
Papua New Guinea!

Let us raise our voices, yell from the mountain tops and proclaim
Papua New Guinea!

Now give thanks to the good Lord above
The God our ancestors knew but had no name for
the source of our wisdom and understanding
Give thanks for this land of our grandfathers and grandmothers
A land free and abundant
A land we will die for
A land we will guard with our lives

Shout again for the whole world to hear
That Papua New Guinea is proud, independent and free

Well…It’s official: Ozzy Osbourne can’t sing anymore (July 2013)

Thursday night at the Woodlands was the first night of the reunited Black Sabbath’s world tour, and to say that anticipation was running high would be underselling it a bit. The band is fresh off the release of its first new album together in 35 years, 13, which went straight to No. 1. Clearly, fans were ready for another go-round with the godfathers of metal.
But to add to the intrigue, Tony Iommi, Black Sabbath’s legendary guitarist, has been battling lymphoma for the better part of a year now. Iommi’s not a young man. For perhaps the first time, his assumed immortality appears in doubt. Long history of retirement fake-outs aside, this could very well be Sabbath’s final trek around the globe. Miss this tour, and you might not get another chance.


So despite the success of 13, there was no shortage of questions heading into Thursday night. Could Iommi still go? Would the foursome’s magical chemistry still be intact without original drummer Bill Ward behind the kit? And perhaps most pressing of all, could Ozzy Osbourne still sing? After all, he’s no spring chicken, and we all saw the state of him in The Osbournes. Let’s leave aside those first two questions for now, because it was the questions about Ozzy’s performing shape that jumped out immediately on Thursday. On the tour’s opening night, they may have been put to rest for good… and not in the way many of us had hoped.
As has been their custom for some time, Sabbath opened the show with the spine-tingling “War Pigs,” one of the most vicious and affecting anti-war rock songs ever written. The wailing sirens were in place, that throbbing bass line packed its usual punch and Iommi’s lead was as chilling as ever. So far so good.
Then Ozzy opened his mouth.
He didn’t sound terrible, but he didn’t sound good, either. He was struggling a bit to find the notes, particularly on the sharp, bluesy choruses. Hey, it was the first song of the first night of the tour — maybe he just needed to warm up a little.
But then came “Into the Void.” And then “Under the Sun.” And “Snowblind.” Classic Sabbath cuts all, and the Ozz-man struggled mightily to stay in key on all of them. Actually, that’s not quite accurate. He was struggling, but he was decidedly not in key.
For longtime fans, it was painful to witness. This man is the voice of heavy metal, not to mention its Id. That voice, sad to say, appears to have left us. Ozzy sounded ragged and tired up there. He sounded old, and even a little out of his depth. Hardly the triumphant return we’d all hoped for.


Yau pen lo dog singaut
Biknait go moning taim
Spakman lo rot i traut

Tait lo ol rat i tok nogut
Kaikai ### na ol narla tok
Ol mams na paps no slip gut

Fraide nau ol statim ken
Kisi’ wara na bengim hon
Lo nait taim bikpla ren

Yau pen lo dog singaut
Biknait go moning taim
“OPIM GEIT!” Em singaut

Bengim hon blem yet
Misis kamaut, ol smesh
Musik on full blas yet

Dok singaut na i no tait
Misis smesim glas blo kar
Ol bikmaus na nek rop tait

Yau pen lo dok singaut
Maus blo tupla op ose’ dok
“Kaikai ###!” em singaut

Smol boi blem go hait
Lukim mami kisim han
Wan mo lesen lo Fraide nait:

Hau lo dring na spak
Hau lo bengim hon
Na tokim misis: “GET FAK!”

Em bikman bai em mekim
Lo Fraide nait na Mande tu
Wankain ‘sem paps mekim


LEADERSHIP is not about title or privileges. It’s not about status nor is it about money and authority over others. It’s not about dominance and delegation.

LEADERSHIP is a lonely path of pain and sacrifice. It is Is about doing what others say is impossible. Leadership is about making sure that team member returns safely and that a child doesn’t lose his dad. It’s about about strategies developed at ungodly hours and involves waking up when everyone is asleep. Leadership is about doing what you know will put others in harm’s way. It is not about enjoying the fruits of your labor because there are always new heights to climb after each level of success. Leadership is not glorious. Its pleasures are few and fleeting and never always enjoyed.

ORI PAPS (poem)

Sanap  lo tel blo longpla lain
muv olsem snek nogat strong
Fornait em  sa mekim  wankain
Mekim wok na kisim ova taim
Gutpla wokman blo kavman
Bos no wari wok tasol em baim
Faif handret ten  em hat wok blo em
Fo handret nainti  em holim lo han
Wanla tuendi  holim balens blo em
No mo sta lo tel blo lain
Kam klostu nau lo bel blo em
Oi! Hariap  na surukim lain!
Taim blem nau na em sanap
Ori mangi rausi katen
Lo plastic na solda antap
Poi  go lo kar blo wanwok
Ol paps tasol  na sampla mams
Taim to “rilex afta hard day’s wok”
Ol tekof  go lo as blo talis
Lo haus blo Ben we meri no stap
Volume ap. Ol Paps kilim dens
Ten kilok nait bia pinis
Taim blo pekap na fak of
Meri blo Ben kam bek pinis
Go lotu na kam bek. KAR!!
Botol smesh na Ben  kisi was
Ston misim ol mams lo  kar
Ben raunim haus mams bihainim em
Botol i go ston i go
Fatpla tok nogut bihainim em
Sem taim mobail ring lo poket
Ori mangi rausim Nokia
Na suvim bek laslas kes lo poket
Paps putim Nokia  lo yau  o
Nek blo ori mams pairap lo fon
“Hassole! Yu baim pawa tu o?