The Papua New Guinea Government expects to save millions of kina in legal fees starting next year, when it begins implementing recommendations of an inquiry into the processes and procedures of law firms.  
Yesterday,  Justice Warwick Andrews, presented the  Report on the Commission of Inquiry into Processes and Procedures used to Brief Out Matters to Law Firms, and Processes and Procedures for Paying Public Monies to Law Firms.
Over the last five years, various questions have been raised about the operations of law firm.
Government departments like finance have also appeared before the Pubic accounts committee   to explain why they pay huge legal bills  have been paid.
This commission of inquiry   took on the task of   investigating where  a large part of  government spending was going.   Over the years,   government legal bills  have exceeded  more than  50 million kina.
In many  instances,  it has been very  difficult to trace, where the  payments have gone  and who  received them.  
“This area of brief outs has been the subject of abuse for many years, well before this government came into office,” PM O’Neill said in receiving the report.

“As a government we have been receiving the raw end of this discussion, mainly because we’re trying to clean up the mess that has been there for a while.

“There are some issues that are still out there for public debate and of course some issues are before the courts.