1. Good evening Papua New Guinea  and a good evening to  all our guests from across the pacific.  We are about half an hour   away from the official opening of the  biggest sporting event in this region – the 2015 Pacific Games.
2. Yes. We’ve blown the TAVUR
We’ve pounded  the GARAMUTS
And our warriors continue to beat the KUNDUs 
Many months ago,  our call  was sent from our highest peak to the peoples of different tongues    from the thousands of  islands across the sea…  to the North… to the East  and to our neighbors  to the South.
3.   AND… they’ve answered our call to join us in this  joyous event tonight.   It is a feast of cultures,  languages and  color and a proud moment of  for   Papua New Guineans as we welcome  our brothers and sisters to  meet OUR  family of 8 million people.
4.  Twenty four years ago,   another generation… and other time…  we did the same.   Our  elders called on the bravest  of our daughters  to stand beside  the strongest of our sons. None stopped short of  answering the call to battle. None shied from the challenge of competition. 
5. Today   we do it again.    A new generation has  risen.  We have  called on ours  from the from the Mighty Sepik to the Fly. 
To those already initiated with the markings of adulthood.
To  those who our elders  rightfully call “men and women.”
We have sent our LAGATOIS   to the  islands  and along  the ever shifting volcanic sands.
We’ve called out to the mountains to our blood  to come out of the mist  in numbers  to help  defend our pride.
6.  Tonight marks the start  of a two week event  that will define our country. Yes. Our path has been difficult.  But we have risen to the call.
7.  We will stand together      a  multitude of   languages…    a multitude of    peoples – as one nation.