mapReligion is a human construct created to provide order in the midst of chaos.   It is meant to be a beacon that stands out projecting a set of guidelines that human society is supposed to strive towards.

In every society, there have been great teachers and leaders who have appeared for a time to establish rules in the simplest of forms that guide society. Those teachers have had a profound influence on human behavior and conduct.

If you strip away the construct of religion and look at the fundamentals that all these teachers taught, you will find basic rules for human existence.

In Melanesian society with its myriad of cultures and languages, you will find in the stories, great men and women who had a profound influence on the society they lived in. They are usually mythical and extraordinary powers yet laid down rules that were to be followed in order for order to be kept.

In Judeo-Christian teachings, we find great influencers like Moses who gave the 10 commandments to the Israelites. Then, Jesus Christ who was born at a time when society was losing its way.

The Chinese had Confucius and other great teachers and philosophers.   The Arabs had the Prophets Mohamed.

Each of those teachers laid down rules and provided a path to follow.

However, the concept of striving for a higher purpose is profound and not easily understood unless we try to look at the big picture. The different religions of the world try to explain one single concept. Each religion is like the proverbial blind men touching various parts of an elephant and giving a different impression of what an elephant is.

The bottom line of this rather long rant is that…

If you strip away religion and the personification of deities and religious rituals.   What you have are a set of rules founded upon love and respect for each other and the creatures of this planet.