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Baby tears wiped away

Carried by a special aunt

Back and forth her hips sway


Humming a song of happiness

She points to the afternoon sky

Somehow sensing his sadness


Amidst the backyard kaukau mounds

Grandma digs the ground

As cool distant winds make their rounds


To the sky once again her eyes

One day, she says, one bright day

Tears will be wiped from your eyes


He understanding and not saying

It’s just the feeling of sadness

How does he tell her of that longing?


There are no words just feeling

A child has no words…

In time, grownups forget that feeling


She sings and he listens to her song

Slowly lulled to peaceful quiet

Sometimes he wonders: how long…


How long before mum and dad return?

A day? A week? Maybe a month?

But the seasons come and go in turn


The kaukau planted in December

His grandma harvested today

Maybe… they’ll come November?


A week, to a child, is a year

How can he ask without words he hasn’t learnt?

He dreams his parents  voice in his ear