Why Air Niugini is important to the Papua New Guinean


As much as we hate the delayed flights and sometimes bad customer service, Air Niugini is more than just a state entity or an airline.

Many generations of kids grew up in Air Niugini housing. The airline provided a comfortable exit for army pilots leaving military life. It was a launching pad for long illustrious careers for many civilian pilots and engineers.

Of course we’ve had problems over the years.

But getting on a Kumul balus after weeks of travel in sometimes unfamiliar lands and on foreign airlines, is always uniquely comforting.

It’s like finding family so far from home. I can sit back, relax and chat.

“Mi go bek lo ples nau.”

Seeing the Kumul on foreign soil gives you warm fuzzy tingles down your spine. It makes you want to yell and tell everyone around you, “that’s OUR plane!”

Of course, nobody would understand your crazy Papua New Guinean pride inside of you.

We got all the …. happening in the country. PX is struggling like everyone else.

But when you meet a PX crew waiting to board the same plane you saw on the runway, you’re half way home already.

Large group of Papua New Guineans standing at a foreign airport talking and laughing very loudly with members of the flight crew…

…And strangers ask: “Do you know each other?”

“No. But they’re taking us back home on OUR plane.”

Maybe that’s why a crash so far from home hurts because it is something that belongs to us.

K200-K600 pay deductions for teachers all over the country and they want to know why


This morning,  I was  informed that  a number of teachers in Lae had not received their full salaries.  On average, each teacher mentioned had  about K200 deducted from  each of  their salaries over two consecutive fortnights.

I didn’t know how bad the situation was. So by 7am, I posted an alert on Facebook asking teachers in Lae to provide some leads.

Almost immediately,  the Facebook messages and text messages came flooding in.  And I am not exaggerating here.  Teachers  from primary and  secondary   were sending messages from all over the country telling me that they had pay cuts which  affected their families in a big way.

Most teachers don’t get much in terms of a salary.  So a K200 deduction can sometimes amount to a third or even half their pay. Yes. It’s that bad.  I also know for a fact that teachers do it tough.  My big papas were teachers. Their sons and daughters are teachers.

I spent my holidays in some of the most remote parts of the country. It was fun but it helped me understand the difficulties what my dad’s elder brother faced as a head teacher. Fact is,  a K200 deduction hurts!   Teachers  do an important job for this country and to have their pays cut without  decent explanation is infuriating!

I can’t name the teachers because I don’t have their permission to do so. But these are actual messages sent to me by inbox  or SMS:

Kiunga, Western Province:   “Pay cut for teachers in kiunga too…western province…”

Dregahafen, Morobe: “Bro, me n my spouse. Pay cut, k160 for each of us.”

Utu Seconday, New Ireland: “Pay cut for all teachers nationwide. Some it has been continuous with explanation. Pay cuts range from K100 to K600”

Gaulim, East New Britain:  “All lecturers in Gaulim Teachers college have had pay cuts of about K200 this pay day (pay 20) Also had the same experience – cut of K200 in pay 18.”

Enga Teachers College:  “Good afternoon Scott, all across PNG. It’s a slap on the face for the implementers of SBC. Where is justice? Govt must NOT ignore the plight of those who produce other professionals.”

Anglimp-South Whagi, Jiwaka:  Name ###### #####… No one told me anything as yet… My pay was K31.05 and I was shocked to see this!!!

Lae, Morobe Province:  “I’m a teacher teaching here in Lae district. I have faced this pay cut in pay 18 and now in pay 20 again… My file number 10######”

Teachers can assist in building up this story by supplying your personal information like pay slips  that may show why this deductions are happening.   This is injustice.  Those in control cannot make excuses and say it was a ‘technical glitch.’

I don’t think it is.

Air Niugini plane crashes in Chuuk, Federated States of Micronesia, all passengers safe


Report from Guam Daily Post

Forty-six people aboard Air Niugini Flight 73 miraculously survived after the flight fell short of the runway on Weno International Airport in Chuuk this morning and landed in lagoon waters.

“No serious injuries. Only minor … Everybody is alive!” Jimmy Emilio, the airport’s manager, confirmed by phone to The Guam Daily Post.

“Everybody is safely off the plane,” he added.

When the plane went down, a lot of local boaters and the local rescue team immediately rushed to the crash site, Emilio said.

He said the passengers and crew were transported to the local hospital and as far as he knows, no one was badly injured.

A video reposted by Eriko Rekis on his Facebook page shows many boaters immediately responding as the aircraft hit the lagoon water, and helping passengers get off the half-submerged plane and transporting them to safer ground.

The aircraft is a Boeing 737, Public Affairs Manager Ian Gregor for the FAA Pacific Division confirmed.

The U.S. Coast Guard Cuttter Washington, which happens to be in nearby waters, is heading to the crash site to help.

Air Niugini Flight 73 travels between Chuuk and Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.
The flight was to take two hours and 40 minutes.

Air Niugini is Papua New Guinea’s leading airline, with more than 20 destinations nationally and 10 internationally.

A United Airlines flight from Guam that was scheduled to land at the same airport in Chuuk has been diverted to Pohnpei.

A team from Auckland, New Zealand en route to Weno to try and salvage the plane.

This is a developing story.

Open to NCD City Manager, Bernard Kipit, by Lucielle Paru


Dear Mr Bernard Kipit,

I, Lucielle Paru, the aunt and a legal guardian to the following boys. Evan Miria, Naime Miria , John Quinne and Madlyn Quinnie.

These four were walking from Home to the St Mary’s Catholic Church. We are aware the ceach is opened to public on the 12th September 2018. Your incident report does not even anywhere close to the incident in which my children were brutally attacked in.

These children did not drive but were on foot.

Nor were the children drunk.

They had walked down from Konedobu to attend Evening Mass. They were attacked at 4pm not near the Mobil Service Station but further up near to Ela Beach Hotel.

The Doctors Report shows no alcohol in all the four children. They were treated, sutured (Such medical procedures can not be conducted if a patient is drunk) I will be happy to sit with you, my brother Henry Miria and Present Medical Reports to show you the extent of force and brutality used on my boys and you can see for yourself via medical

Reports that none of these children were under the influence of alcohol nor were driving any vehicle. Police Report has been submitted at town. I personally believe your incident report that you have put out in media must be of a completely different matter to the case of my children.

Mainstream media may have advertised the laws regarding the Beach Kindly put a sign board at the Beach.

I look forward to sitting with either you, The Governor, The City Rangers Manager and Police.

Lucielle Paru

Sorry Bernard Kipit, we disagree with the violent assault on three kids by your City Rangers

First, the tone of the statement is WRONG!

Second, the National Capital District Commission exists because of the PEOPLE OF PAPUA NEW GUINEA.

Third, the NCDC’s costs are paid by the people the people of Papua New Guinea through the government.

All of the above have to be kept in mind.

The city rangers, (that elite corp of thugs, employed by the NCDC)  should be disciplined by the City Manager for  the assault on two young men and a young woman.

It is unbecoming for  a senior bureaucrat  to APPEAR  defend a criminal act.

Mr. Kipit said in the statement: “…this particular incident is a result of the family’s a  violation of the basic rules…” 

If so, what gives the so called city rangers the right to violently attack  two boys and a girl?  We would expect some level of regret and condemnation  of the actions.  But the mother of the two boys and girl got none from the NCDC boss.

Instead we get a statement defending a violent assault. It is an  embarrassment!

Mr. Kipit goes on: “If anyone violates, the securities will have to defend themselves and defend public facilities.” 

Where did that come from? Is it contained in the NCDC’s by laws?  Is that the ‘APEC-Ela Beach Clause?’

Let’s call a spade a spade. It was an ASSAULT on three kids and everyone who came to help them got assaulted by the NCDC thugs as well.

It would be good to read what their mother  Lucielle Paru wrote as well.

We want  the thugs charged and removed. Simple!

Young PNG representative boxer and siblings attacked by IDIOT City Rangers ‘guarding’ Ela Beach


The mother of the boys and girl, Lucielle Paru writes:

“My sons and daughter were walking at Ela Beach heading for an afternoon Service when attacked by NCD City Rangers on Sunday at 4pm.

The weapons used were iron rods and metal pipes. Amongst the NCD City Rangers was  a woman who also hit my son with a pipe smashing his nose.  Medical reports now show permanent damage to his nose. The bone structure in fragments.

Governor  Powes Parkop and Authorities,  is this what you have your rangers do to children?

The beach is already open to public. Is it crime to walk on the pathway to church?

These children don’t even chew or smoke or drink. My sons are disciplined athletes. One is our own rep for the Olympic and Pacific Games and PNG gold medalist. You have destroyed my son’s chosen career as a boxer. He has never fought on the streets or anywhere. He fights only in the ring.

A report was put at Town Police Station. We will be suing NCD and the city rangers

An RR unit fired a warning shot at the Rangers but was  ignored.. A Central couple who attempted to help my boys and their sister were also set upon by the rangers.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop,  I demand justice for an unwarranted and complete unjustified attack for no crime committed at all

City rangers who were involved will and must be brought to face charges and compensate for damages and almost killing my sons and abusing my daughter.”