Why children should be loved and respected


Before birth, each child is asked by the Creator if he is willing to be placed in the care of a mother on earth.
It is sometimes a difficult choice for the child who, prior to birth can see all his past lives, the trials, tribulations, joy, laughter and eventually the transition that returns him to the Creator.
The Creator reminds him that making that choice is a personal matter and that it will mean living life in physical form again without the benefit of the memories of the past. The Creator reminds him that he will be growing up in the care of those he chooses and will depend entirely on them for their for love and care.
It is never an easy choice to make. But the child knows that he also has a responsibility to guide the parents he chooses. His responsibility will be to teach them to love each other and to grow in unison. He knows he will teach them responsibility and patience and all the virtues desired by the Creator.
The Creator watches and sees the life of the child’s mother. He sees many possibilities. Sometimes, the child will be sent as a blessing for his father or mother or a lonely sibling. Sometimes, he will be sent to bring hope. Sometimes, they will be sent only for a short while to bring a family together. Sometimes, the child is sent to become an anchor in the lives of his parents.
The Creator seeks the child yet again. He tells him that the job is important and that he is the only one who is suitable for it. Again, it is the child’s choice whether to go to the mother and become a physical being again.
Finally, after much thought. The child agrees. The Creator reminds him to be strong in the face of difficulty and to trust the parents he chooses. The Creator reminds him that they will not be perfect and they will make mistakes. Sometimes, they will be unkind and hurtful to him and each other. But the Creator reminds him that life is a journey and whenever he feels helpless or sad the Creator will send helpers in many forms and the child will know because the child will be able to see the helper’s spirit. The helper may be an animal or a person. But the child will know, the Creator reminds him.
The Creator reminds the child that after birth, the child will gradually lose his connection to him and will have to find his way back through his life.
The child then bids farewell to the Creator and transitions to this world and into the womb of his chosen mother.
So as much as we think we own them, our children do not belong to us. We are but custodians and guardians given the task to care for a child and we are obligated to love and care for them.